From Bluerinse to National Phenomenon

Bingo anyone?… This is a question that is becoming ever more popular with people of all ages, throughout the UK. What is it that has brought Bingo to the young and old of the UK? The answer to that questions is easy. Bingo has found its way onto the internet.

Bingo has always been associated with the “Blue Rinse” adorned by so many of the UK’s more “Mature” ladies. This led to many thinking that Bingo was a game for the elderly, and young people avoided those bingo halls for many years.

The introduction of Online Bingo has changed peoples perceptions of the game and is now enjoyed by thousands of players from every age group. This is assumed to be because the game is easy to learn, fun to play and of course you don’t have to worry about the colour of your hair.

The online bingo industry is proving to be one of the most enjoyed and most profitable gaming activities within the internet world. There are literally hundreds of online bingo websites available that offer bingo games that reward millions of pounds in winnings every day. JackpotjoyBingo for example pay out in excess of £4,000,000 in winnings every single day. A number that is truly astonishing given that online bingo is still relatively new.

Playing bingo online is a lot easier than playing in a bingo hall. Once you have opened your account you can find a game that suits your budget usually within a few minutes. Purchasing your tickets is a simple task, and once the game beings you don’t have to worry about dabbing out your numbers. A great relief if you chose to play 48 tickets at once. The state-of-the-art software used by many of the online bingo websites does all the hard work for you, each number is marked for you as it is called and if you are fortunate enough to have bought a winning ticket, the money won is credited directly into your players account. Of course the option to stand up and shout “bingo” at the top of your lungs is still optional.

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Bet365 and The Money Drop Game

There are several key elements that need to be utilised to make a successful quiz show. First and foremost is a unique selling point or Format, The second is a well known host or hostess that the viewers can associate with or have seen on television before, and finally a prize that will encourage excitement and tension as the show progresses.

Most television quiz shows award progressive prizes. Be that for answering questions of increasing difficulty as in “Who wants to be a Millionaire” for instance, or for undertaking tasks of equally progressive difficulty as in “The Cube”. One Television quiz show took a different approach to this idea and opted to give contestants the feature prize at the beginning of the show, and instead of asking them to win the prize, they instructed the contestants that they didn’t have to win it at all, they in fact had merely to keep it. A truly unique format. The game show is “The Million Pound Drop” and is one of channels fours most popular television shows. The format simply involved contestants wagering parts or in some cases all of the one million pound prize money on the answers to five questions of increasing difficulty. If the contestant placed a portion of the prize pool on a drawer that related to an answer that was not correct, the drawer opened and the money dropped from play. The idea was simple, put your money on the correct draw or it gets dropped. If after five rounds you still have any money left, then that is your prize.

The popularity of the show was so high that within months of the first showing, several software developers began work on an online version for the online gaming market. Bet365 saw the potential of such a game and were keen to market such a product.

Bet365 are the only online gaming company to offer The Money Drop. A unique variation of the hit television show. The layout and design of the game presents players with a true liking to the television show experience, and challenges players to take part in five rounds of increasing excitement as they attempt to select the correct drawers on which to wager there money. There are no general knowledge questions to answer which although is a major part of the television series, it does make for a much simpler game. Players simply have to make a wager, then test there nerves as they try and make it through all five rounds.

You can Play The Money Drop Game exclusively at Bet 365

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Paddy Power Bingo

Paddy Power has always put their unique twist on things ever since they first moved on to the Internet, things are no different now they’ve launched Paddy Power Bingo. The site is fresh, clean and brings its own unique twist to this well-known game. One thing they have kept throughout though, is the excellent customer service that they have a reputation for. As you would expect the customer service team are always eager to help and very pleasant to deal with.

The actual bingo site is entirely based in your browser, there is nothing to download or install. Getting started on the site is simple and easy, all you have to do is register and deposit and you can start playing. The cashier options available to you include, along with the normal credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Ukash, Neteller, PayPal (more commonly known in connection with eBay) and even depositing cash via one of their high-street bookmakers. When you withdraw your winnings it would normally be paid by the method you used to deposit. As a new member atPaddy Power Bingo you will receive a welcome bonus on your first deposit, but there are usually deposit bonuses available for existing members as well.

Once you’ve got the registry and depositing out of the way it’s time to start playing and hopefully winning, the site is very easy to navigate and it clearly shows how to purchase cards and play the game. You simply choose a room to play in and then select the number of cards you wish to purchase, the price per card is clearly shown, click buy and wait for the game to start. When the numbers start being called you will see them on the screen and also hear the caller (you can turn the voice off in the options), your numbers will be marked for you and your cards will auto shuffle to make sure the ones who need the least number are at the top of the list. Your cards will show at the side of them how many numbers you require by showing 5 to go, 4 to go, etc, the card will flash when you only need one number. When you win the prize automatically claimed for you and it will appear on your screen how much you’ve won, if you weren’t the lucky winner then their name and the amount won will be shown. Your cards will then be set to show how many numbers you require for the next prize and the game continues. How many prizes there are is dependent on which bingo game you’re playing, 90 ball bingo has three prizes per game and 75 ball bingo can have up to 5 prizes per game. What prizes are available, how to win them, and the amounts are clearly shown on the top right of the screen.

While you’re playing bingo, or even between games, you can also play the other games available on site. These include a wide collection of slot machines, range from the classics right through to the modern versions. Waging amounts vary according to the game you’re playing but are clearly shown on screen, some games even have quite large progressive jackpots. If you prefer to concentrate on the bingo there are progressive jackpots available there as well, along with seasonal promotional games. These, of course, vary depending on the time of year but always live up to the traditional quirkiness of Paddy Power

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Sky Bingo Review

Sky Bingo is part of the BSkyB group, a household name in UK. The bingo software is easy to use and completely browser based with no download required, they use the same philosophy as the rest of the Sky network, and customer service is always paramount with an excellent customer service team available via e-mail or freephone 24/7. Once you have a SkyBingo account you also have the option of using the same account with a Sky gaming website, such as Sky Vegas, Sky Bet and Sky Poker.

Registration is easy and simple to do and there are a wide range of deposit options including debit and credit cards, Neteller, Moneybookers and even PayPal. Once your account is set up your then able to use any of Sky’s gaming sites through the various media available, such as by your television and mobile phone as well as the more obvious online option.

All Sky Bingo rooms have a chat room running alongside the bingo game, this is an excellent opportunity to have fun and laughter whilst playing bingo. The chat moderators are always helpful and help keep the room moving, they even learn to recognise your chat name and continual a conversation you’d had the day before. This means the site is more than just bingo it’s also community and fun, how else can you chat your mates whilst winning money?

The site layout is bright and cheerful also clear so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, the chat room is on the left of the screen and the bingo tickets are on the right. Your account information is clearly marked at the top of the screen with the current number called shown just below. Don’t worry about keeping up with the bingo caller as the default option is to auto-daub, although you can turn this off, whatever option you go for the game will automatically call when you have of winning card.

Sky Bingo has 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games available, ticket prices vary however there are frequent free games that are open to all. There are also slot machines available to play while you’re waiting for your game to start. SkyBingo offers an excellent bonuses and not just for new players, they regularly run promotions and seasonal games..

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What Are Online Bingo Chat Games All About?

You will find that once you start playing online bingo that you will have different ways of being able to make some extra play money. One of the most enjoyable and lucrative styles of playing are chat games. Not only can you make bonus money at chat games, you get to meet new friends. You will notice when you join a bingo site that they will have what is called chat rooms. Some sites have several different bingo rooms you can play in and each of those may have their own chat room. These chart rooms are hosted by a site official called a chat host or chat moderator. Their job is to run a variety of different games that can run through the course of the bingo games. It’s through these games, that if you win them, you are awarded bingo dollars or bonus bucks.

There are quick games and there is a large variety of them. They may consist of having a player choose 4 numbers, and if those 4 numbers come out during the first 10 numbers called in the next bingo game first, before anyone else, then they win a few play dollars. Each bingo site has an entire set of chat games and their own schedule of when they operate. In addition to this, these chat games have a series of rules that are applicable to them. Usually the money won on these chat games is not available to be withdrawn, but instead is bonus money that you can use to play further bingo games with, thus giving you more time to play, and increasing your chance of winning. In most cases you must be a registered member of the site you are playing at and have made a deposit. These bonus dollars can certainly mount up and really do give you an opportunity to have more bingo money to play with. This increases your chances of winning some real money.

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All About Online Bingo Bonuses

Playing online bingo can not only be highly enjoyable, but because of the huge increase and popularity, there are many more sites available now with some of them having huge jackpot games where you can win big. As soon as you discover online bingo, you won’t be long in learning that there are some great bonuses, as well as incentives that will help get you started. It is well worth taking advantage of the extra money you can get for free these types of promotions. The bonus that becomes the first one to make use of is on those sites that have a sign up bonus that gives you some of the free site money to add to your deposit.

The bonuses that are being offered by the bingo sites online are not something that should be taken lightly, as it gives the opportunity for an individual to have extra playing money. The first deposit bonuses are often referred to as the sign up or welcome bonus. Being as there is so much online competition with the various bingo sites, the bonuses and incentives are getting larger all the time. It is important to remember though, that there are rules that are applicable to each of the bonuses and incentives, so be sure to check these out.

You may get so caught up in the excitement of the sign up bonus that you forget to check out the many other incentives that are being offered. The online bingo sites are always trying to out do each other, so make sure you follow the monthly promotions and ongoing incentives that the sites may be offering. If you are new to online bingo, then look for sites that offer free try out money before you make a deposit. This is just free money that lets you try the games to see if you will like the site.

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Vics Bingo Review

Vics Bingo came online in 2002 and was acquired by Winward Gaming Group two years after that because Winward realized the huge potential that the site had. Vics Bingo is still on the Web today to give their players a great time while playing bingo games online.

Vics Bingo has more than eight years of experience when it comes to the industry of gaming and they always offer real customer satisfaction to their players by providing an attractive website, a good program of customer retention, an interactive gaming community, and a great team of customer support that is available 24/7 – all at once.

It is easy to use Vics Bingo and to play there. In fact, it was especially built with player convenience in mind, so it doesn’t just look attractive, but it is easy to access and navigate, as well. All you have to do is join the website and you can play some games for free right away. This is easy to do, as well, because real-time bingo is very accessible here and can thus be played anywhere at any time. Plus, if you want to play for free, you can get $5 worth of bingo credits to do so or simply play in one of the free bingo rooms. The best part is that you can still win actual money by doing this!

Even depositing money at Vics Bingo is easy! They accept all kinds of credit cards, but they also have various other deposit methods available for people who don’t use debit or credit cards. This ensures that every bingo player can play in a secure and safe manner, no matter what.

Vics Bingo offers up a vast selection of bingo games, some of which are free and some of which can be played with real money. There is TGIF night, Bingo Cinema, Friday City Adventures, Moonlight Madness, two-part bingo games, and even happy hours. What is great about Vics Bingo’s gaming scheme is that, if you don’t really feel like spending any money, you don’t have to deposit any. However, if you do decide to play the real-money games, your first and second deposits will be matched with a 150% bonus.

There are a lot of other great bingo promotions at Vics Bingo, as well, all of which are updated every week on their bingo newsletter. Every Friday, for example, your deposit will be matched, depending on your deposit amount. If you deposit $74 or less, your bonus will be matched by 170%, but if you deposit $75 or more, your bonus will be matched by 400%! So, deposit more and get a bigger bingo bonus every week at Vics Bingo!

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